New & Improved Calendar Widget

New & Improved Calendar Widget

January 12, 20241 min read

In this release, we are thrilled to unveil a redesigned calendar widget aimed at enhancing the overall user experience and increasing the booking conversion for our users. This update brings a more user-centric and user-friendly design.

What's New?

Neo Widget Revamp: A comprehensive redesign of the Neo widget to elevate the user experience through innovative UI elements


  • Introduction of icons for calendar details.

  • Inclusion of a timezone selector for enhanced flexibility.

  • Display of timezones across all widget pages.

  • Highlighting time slots on hover for immediate user feedback.

  • Optimized placement of details for improved mobile usability.

  • Consistent and uniform UI elements across forms, contributing to a more professional appearance.

How to Use?

This enhancement is exclusive to the existing NEO widget and can be activated through Labs.

Please note:

Adjust any CSS customizations to align with the updated widget design; minimal changes are required.

Calendar 1

Calendar 2

Calendar 3

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